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Group who can handle bar code:

  • companies, self-employed, factories.

Information needed to apply for Bar code:

  • scan or photo copy of business license.

Number of barcodes:

  • 1000 (can be used in 1000 different styles of products)

Processing time:

  • about 20-30 working days (different provinces and cities are not the same time, please consult customer service)

Duration of Bar code:

  • 2 years (renewal can be made when expired)

1.What is the most common product barcode in the supermarket?

EAN-13 barcode

2.What will be the result after the barcode application is registered?

You will get the bar code system membership certificate and bar code membership card issued by the national coding center. With membership card, you can enter the company's product information and submit it to the national material center database.

3. Can individual businesses register barcodes for goods?

Individuals business can register bar codes of goods, applying for bar codes needs to provide a copy of the individual business license and a copy of the organization code.

Because of own reasons, my business failed to apply for renewal procedures, resulting in the cancellation of manufacturer identification code. Can this situation be applied to the Chinese goods code Center at any time to apply for the recovery of the registered vendor identification code?

This is not possible. The thirty-first provision in the "bar code management act" requires that producers, sellers and service providers who have been canceled the manufacturer's identification code need to re apply and register the manufacturer's identification code when they need to use barcode. When the product does not sell in its own name in domestic markets, the goods that use the barcode of goods registered abroad do not need to be put on record.





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